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This is InfoDeck for my presentation with the same title. As we spoke:

There are people doing what needs to be done and that doing a little more.

We need to improve our skills:

  • technical,
  • interpersonal,
  • conceptual,
  • analytical - diagnostic.

Extra takeaways


The best way is to implement and battle test any concept. Create an Open Source project and after done stuff - simply ask the community about opinions.


When we need start do dig in other people problems with humble attitude:

  • E. Schein: Humble Inquiry

Few Tips&Tricks to improve public presentations

  • N. Ford: Presentation Patterns


No comment needed

  • E. Evans: Domain-Driven-Design

Analytical - diagnostic

Discover why we should value general ideas

This one changed my life. A new way of learning with the Dreyfus model


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