TiL: The way of craftsmanship

Agile is dead.

In the situation, where authors of Agile manifesto speaks that way - something is up:

  • The Tragedy of Craftsmanship, 2018 - Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
  • Agile is dead, 2015 - Dave Thomas
  • The State of Agile Software in 2018 - Martin Fowler

Like the frog in hot pot - slowly boiling, to point without return. Today, we got lessons of Agile that make money - not for developers, but as a way of conference organization, certifications centre or coaches. The way like an advert of special medicine on TV, that will resolve all your problems, after buying their therapy and apply it over and over. Of course, nothing is free. You only need going for training, buy new certification and everything will be fine.

I don’t want to solve the problems of this word. I'm simply "tired of writing crap."

Today I want to be more Agile than ever, but not the way industry wants. For me, it is about the attitude toward solving problems, be prepared and eager to change in the best way to provide business solutions. Many forgot about it in the quick word.

This starts my small series of articles that will be about craftsmanship and the way to improve it on a daily basis.

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